Hello Everyone,

For class we are to post our favorite youtube video/videos. I really do not look at many youtube videos so I posted some that family and friends have sent to me to watch and that I found were really funny and one that really hit home for me.

The first is…Story of the Year-Terrified

This video was sent to me by a friend and it really hit home. To see what the military men and women are going through and the family they are leaving behind brought tears to my eyes. For us that have no family member/members in the military it is hard to fathom what they and their families are going through. This video showed me just a small glimpse of what the soldiers and their families are facing. May we pray for them, salute them, and give them thanks. They are the hero’s of America.


The second and third video: Eric O’Shea –TV Commercials & Evolution of Dance.

These two video’s were sent by another friend. He told me how hilarious they were and that I must watch them. I laughed so hard that I cried. This man is truly hilarious. The first (TV Commercials) are songs that he thinks should be in commercials and the second video (Evolution of Dance) is Eric doing several dances to songs that have been hits over the years.



The fourth and last video was sent to me from my cousin. She was looking up dances and songs for her and her fiancée to do for their first dance. She came across Awesome Wedding Dance. This video is a couple that danced to “Baby Got Back” for their first song. It is really funny.


I hope that you like the videos,