Hello Everyone,

My passion has always been volunteering. I have done a lot of service project but I have to say by far the best volunteer experience I have ever had was my trip this December to Freeport Bahamas. I went with the Office of Student Leadership and Civic Engagement. It was a winter alternative break trip.

We left on Saturday, December 12th and headed to Fort Lauderdale Florida. Once we arrived in Florida we checked into the motel and headed off to find food. The next morning we had to be up and ready by 5:00 am. We had to be at the ports and bags checked in by 7 am. On the ship we were served breakfast (it was great). The ship was smaller than the usual cruise ships. We relaxed in lounge chairs. The boat ride to Freeport Bahamas was 9 hrs. We arrived in Freeport around 6pm. I finally got my first stamp in my passport. We were picked up by Mr. Raoul. Him and his wife Mrs. Karen have a minstry in the Bahamas called, “karazim ministries.”

Mr. Raoul took us the our motel and then to what they call the charter house (we called it the feeding center). They served us Spaghetti and told us what we would be doing over course the week. That Mr. Raoul picked us up and took us to a village (Pinder’s Point) and we began working on the library. We were so overwhelmed by how nice the people were. Through the week we continued to work on the library and other small projects. We fed and handed out Christmas bags to some of the local children and their families. On our spare time Mr. Raoul would take us around the island and show us markets, and other beaches (look at the pictures). One night we invited high school seniors and college students to come to the motel. We met each of them and some of their parents. We told them why we love GSU so much. Several of the students want to come to Georgia Southern University. A few of the local college students their invited us to a fish fry. It was so much fun.

This experience has forever changed my life. I had the opportunity to learn about another culture, make extraordinary friendships, but most importantly I had the opportunity to give back. Volunteering is a passion of mine. I loved being apart of this adventure. The village was so excited about the library. We even had some local children come and help us put books on the shelves.  Building the library will give the children the opportunity to read and let their imaginations soar.