I have to admit that I do not watch football very often. I guess the reason is that I have no clue what is going on. My brothers get so annoyed with me because I am constantly asking them, “why did they throw a flag, why are the going back in yards, and there are several others. They try their best to be patient with me but after the first quarter they are like sis can you please “shut up”.  So i just sit there and wonder what is happening or I just leave the room and come back when I hear the commercials.  GO COLTS (Peyton Manning)….I have to put that for my brothers….Love you! =)

Commercials are the best part so I researched and came across an article of Rolling Stones 25 Best Super Bowl Commercials Ever! It is amazing how much money is spent making and put these commercials on the air for 30 seconds during the Super Bowl. The article stated, “the average thirty-second spot this year cost a whopping $2.6 million — that’s $86,666 per second of ad time.”  Some of these videos are hilarious.


This is another video (Hilarious Budweiser Commercial) that I came across and it had me laughing so hard.