Even though there are so many items I use in my everyday life.  I feel as though I could not live without my cell phone and car.

The first would be my cell phone. I was given my first phone the same day I was given my first car. Yes age 16. It was for Christmas. My mom and dad did not want me on the road and no way to call for help if I needed to. Before getting my car my parents thought cell phones were useless. Being in college this is how I stay in touch with my family and friends back home.

The second would be my car. I know this probably sounds funny. My car is what takes me back and forth to school, work, and ect. My mom’s car was messed up and I let her borrow my car for a week. I walked back and forth to class that whole week. The walking to class did not bother me until it was dark or if I had to go up town to run an errand. I was so glad when my mom’s car was fixed and I got mine back.

There are so many items that we take for granted for example: having shoes, washer and dryer, bed to sleep in, television to watch, blankets to keep us warm and the list goes on. We need to learn that yes there are items that we think we can not live without but the truth is that we can because there are people everyday living without a cell phone, car, pair of shoes, bed and ect.