Even though I do not know where life is going to take me however I do know what my plans are. I will graduate from Georgia Southern University in May 2011. I really want to be an event planner (this is one of my joys in life). Anytime that I can plan an event I jump on board. Event planning allows me to be creative and bring my personality to it. I would love to work with a non-profit organization or an organization similar. I really want to move out of state or away from my hometown. I have always lived here (Georgia). It is a great state however I would love to see what more is out there. It is a big world and I want to see it all. I hope that with my job I will be able to travel occasionally.

Lately, I have debating Grad School but I am still unsure on that direction of my life at this time. I do know that if I decide to go to Grad School the program I will enter will be Higher Education. This will allow me to teach at a University and I would enjoy working in the Leadership Office. The leadership office at GSU has given me so many opportunities that in return I would love to give other students the same opportunities I have had. Also, I would go back to my original plans, event planning. The leadership office is always planning events.