I have to say the one moment I will remember about the Olympics held in Vancouver is the death of Nodar Kumaritashvili, 21 year old Georgian luge slider. There have been several controversies over his death and the footage shown on television and the internet. According to a wesite, AP notes stated that concerns were raised even before the fatal crash. Kumaritashvili told his father that he was terrified of the track on which he later died.

Als according to the website; A Romanian woman was briefly knocked unconscious and at least four Americans – Chris Mazdzer on Wednesday, Megan Sweeney on Thursday and both Tony Benshoof and Bengt Walden on Friday in the same training session where Zoeggeler wrecked – have had serious trouble just getting down the track. 

My question and concern is, How much has to go on before something is done? I mean,  this is people’s lives that are at stake.  Something should have been done when Kumaritashvili was terrified to go down it. This should have thrown a red flag, here is a trained athlete and he is terrified of the track.

May his family find strength to get through this tragic time in their life. God Bless!!!

~Tabatha Amerson