I love all kinds of music and artist. However, my favorite artist is Brad Paisley. I have seen him in concert twice, the first in Savannah and the second at GSU; I loved them both. I am ready to see him again.

Brad Paisley has the ability to create songs that make you laugh, dance, cry and just touch your heart. He has the ability to just capture your attention and just draw you in when you are watching him sing. Even if there are no instruments he still sounds great. Not only is Brad a great artists he is also a great husband, father, and all around great person. Everyone that has toured with him has said they had a blast. Brad loves to play pranks and jokes on the people joining him on tour.

My favorite song by him is one that just grabbed me from the first time I heard it. Watching him sing the song you can hear the love he has for his wife. It is an amazing song. As women we wish our men loved us this much….