While reading chapter 1 I came across a lot of great information. The first part of the chapter was great with all the helpful sources to use, for example dictionaries, encyclopedias, stylebook, media directories and much more. The second part of the chapter discussed more on how to be a successful writer. Below are a few that stood out the most to me so that I can be a great writer.

1)      Public Relations is composed of four core components:  research, planning, communication, and evaluation.

2)      Strive to write news stories at the fourth to sixth grade level.

This was really interesting because in school we are taught to write with big words so that we sound more intelligent. (This rule depends on your audience, if you are writing an article that is issued to doctors or lawyers you will use their vocabulary and bigger words.)

3)      I find the chart, Tips for success: How to Improve Your Writing on pg 24-25 very helpful.

  1. Be clear
  2. Use Action Verbs
  3. Apply Active Voice
  4. Avoid Jargon
  5. Focus on People
  6. Don’t Neglect the First Paragraph
  7. Include Quotes
  8. Write with Your Ears
  9. Allow  Yourself to Write Crap
  10. Take Chances

4)      Be sensitive to words describing ethnic groups.

5)      Ability to write well is essential for work in public relations. Six questions by Public Relations counselors Kerry       Tucker and Doris Derelian.

  1. What is the desired communication outcome?
  2. Who is our target audience?
  3. What are our target audience needs, concerns, and interest?
  4. What is our message? Do you want to inform or persuade?
  5. What communication channel is most effective?
  6. Who is our most believable spokesperson?