Blog Comment #3: Topic of the Week: Grammar Girl, by Maggie Crowley

5/31/10   8:20p.m

Hey Maggie,

I agree, she is a great tool to use when you need to check your grammar, I have learned so much, by reading her posts. I love the post where she differentiate between “who” and “whom”, “affect” and “effect” and like you said just about any other common writing error known to man. These are words that I get confused with all the time, so it helped me out a lot. She makes it seem so easy with her rules. I to consider myself to be a semi-educated writer, however I can always use help especially from Grammar Girl. With the help of her and her website we are going to be writing pros in no time. At least I hope I will. Oh! Good Luck with stumping her on a grammar question.

~Tabatha Amerson