Chapter Four Notes:

1)News values from a public Relations perspective:






Human Interest



2)      How to Find News:

  • Internal News Sources
    • Papers: policy statements, organizational charts, research reports, and ect.
    • Periodicals: current and past issues
    • Clipping files: published articles and online postings.
    • Other published material: brochures, video tapes, speeches, slide presentations, and sales material.
  • External News Sources
    • Attend a meeting to hear a speaker
    • Op-ed
    • All news events
    • Polls and surveys
    • Census reports
    • Trade media
    • Financial analyst reports
    • Findings of governmental commissions
    • Sales figures for entire industries
    • Updates on competitors

3)      I love the tips for developing your creative instincts by Judith Rich. Writing in PRSA’s The Strategist, she offered in the book (pg. 104)

4)      Tactics for making news: 1)special events, 2) contests, 3) polls and surveys, 4) top 10 list, 5) stunts, 6) product demonstrations, 7) rallies and protest, 8) personal appearances, and 9) awards.

5)      Tips for Success: 32 Ways to Create News for Your Organization and How to Conduct a Credible Survey. I find both of these charts to be very helpful and beneficial.