PR and Social Networking

Today, PR is changing so fast. There are so many social networking opportunities out there such as: Facebook, Twitter, Blogging, and many more. So which ones are the best, do not stress, it is up to you.  However, remember that if you choose to do them all it can get a bit overwhelming. PR and Social Networking, by Paula Gardner, sees this first hand when she discusses social networking with her clients.  In her article she discusses her advice that she gives to her clients. Her first advice is to choose one thing and commit to that. I love to multi task however, I do realize that sometime if you give your full attention to one thing it will turn out better than if you only did it half way. She encourages you to be persistent, example, “Give it time. You are not going to build up 1000 twitter followers in a week. Think of this as a 6 month experiment.” This is such great advice to someone just starting out. I really enjoyed reading her article, she had excellent advice, whether you are starting out or been at for a while.