Since attending Georgia Southern University, I have participated in numerous activities where I have got the opportunity to volunteer and give back not only to the campus community but also to the community of Statesboro, Ga. I can not put into words what it is like to be able to bring smiles to people that I have never met, as well as those that I have known for years.

Even though I do not have as much as some people, I feel as though I am rich.  I use to take things for granted, for instance running water, a car that gets me from point A to point B, the ability to attend college and much more. December 2009, I was blessed to have gotten the opportunity to go on an alternative winter break trip to FreePort, Bahamas. While there we constructed a library, served lunch to children and their families, and handed out Christmas bags to the children. Some of the children came up to me, hugged my neck and told me “thank you.” It meant so much to be able to bring joy to these children. Some of the parents said this would be the only thing their children would receive for Christmas. At that moment, I knew I was taken things for granted. After about week from when I got back home it was time for me and my family to open our Christmas gifts. Usually, I am ripping into my gifts with my brothers, however this time was different. All I could think about was those children and thinking that some of them were waking up to nothing under the tree. For more information and pictures from the Bahamas winter break trip visit: Community Service

Not only have I had the opportunity to go the Bahamas, I have participated in numerous activities at the local elementary schools and it is the same feeling. If you have not been involved in volunteering please get out there and bring a smile to someone. It does not have to be anything huge, just simply helping an elderly in the grocery store, helping a neighbor, anything that can make a positive impact on your community. Volunteering will bring so much joy to your life and to the lives of others.


Here are a few quotes that I have come across during my time volunteering. They have been used on brochures, shirts, books and ect.

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has. ~Margaret Mead

I shall pass through this world but once. Any good therefore that I can do or any kindness that I can show to any human being, let me do it now. Let me not defer or neglect it, for I shall not pass this way again. ~ Mahatma Gandhi

Vision without action is a daydream. Action without vision is a nightmare. ~Japanese Proverb