Why are comments such an integral part of blogs? What advice would you offer on writing effective blog comments?

The Ethics of Blog Commenting has great material to answer TOWS question of the week. I previously came across this article and was going to use it in PR Connections, until I saw the TOWS for this week.

Blogging is a communication tool that can be used for work or just for fun. A blogger my want to blog about life experiences, what they love and enjoy, work, or anything else they feel knowledgeable on. No one wants to talk to themselves and it is the same way when blogging. Comments are essential to our development and improvement. There is definitely someone else who knows more than we do about a certain topic.

Advice that I would give:

  • Let them know what caught your attention
  • If you agree/disagree tell why in a polite manner
  • Give positive feed back to help enhance their blog; what they may could have mentioned more of, or left some items out, ect.
  • Suggest sites and other resources where they can gather more information on that topic