News U: Lead Lab activity was very beneficial when it comes to learning how to make great leads.  I found the section on “lead writing” helpful with the five W’s (Who, What, When, Where, and Why) and a H (How). I did not know there was a “so what” section. The guidelines of the W’s and H make it easier  to go back and check off to make sure all the information is in the lead.

Follow the “read aloud rule”:

  • Can you say it in a single breath?
  • Do you stumble over words?
  • Does it sound like something you would tell a friend over the phone?
  • Does it pt you to sleep or confuse you?

Revise: Count and see how many word you can eliminate from the lead. Good Leads are ACCURATE and CLEAR.

I would like to learn more about the lead types. The activity went over them briefly, however I would like a more detailed description of them. I took the matching quiz and missed a few, so I know that I need more practice with them.

Lead Types:

  • Direct leads
    • Summary
    • Analysis
  • Delayed Leads
    • Anecdotal
    • Significant Detail
    • Emblem
    • Round-Up