Chapter 6 Notes:

  • Media kit “aka” press kit contains a variety of materials, such as new releases, fact sheets, and photos.
  • Media Advisory “aka” media alerts tell assignment editors about up coming events that they might be interested in covering.
  • Atypical one-page advisory might contain the following elements:
    • One line headline
    • the story idea outlined in a brief paragraph
    • five Ws and H (Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How)
    • short paragraph telling the reporter who to contact for more information or make arrangements.
  • Preparing the Pitch:

1)      Brevity-less than a page or a screen.

2)      Sentences should be clean, sharp, and to the point.

3)      Have an enticing lead. According to the book, avoid beginning a pitch with something trite such as “I’m writing  to inquire if you would be interested in a story about…”

  • Writing the “Perfect” Pitch, (pg. 157) and Guidelines for Pitching Stories by E-Mail (pg. 159) Tips for Success has really good information.
  • If you have e-mailed, faxed, or even mailed a pitch to an editor or broadcast producer, FOLLOW UP on your pitch, very important.