Chapter 5 Notes:

  • Printed news releases via fax or regular mail should be double spaced, however if you are distributing it via e-mail single-spacing is the standard format.
  • Five basic types of news releases:
    • Announcements
    • Spot announcements
    • Reaction stories
    • Bad news
    • Local news
  • Six basic components of a news release: 1) letterhead, 2) contacts, 3) headline, 4) dateline, 5) lead paragraph, and 6) body of text.
  • Keep a lead paragraph to no more than three to five lines.
  • Three types of leads: 1) straight summary lead, 2) informal lead, and 3) feature lead.
    • Straight summary lead-making an announcement
    • Informal lead- frequently provides factual information however in a more formal way.
    • Feature lead- raises the reader’s interest.  The book describes it as a “hook” that encourages the reader to read the second paragraph for more information.

I found this video on You Tube by Francisco Dao to be very helpful: Killer Attitude – Eight Tips for Killer Press Releases