Seven Things You Need To Know about Public Relations

It is frightening for me, being a senior and getting ready to step into a real professional position in Public Relations. Anytime that I can gain information from a PR professional I am willing to read or listen to it. I recently found an article, Seven Things you Need to Know about Public Relations by David Chapman. This article I found was very helpful in the sense that it answered a few questions that I had.  Below are two of the things that I liked about the article and that I found puzzling.

First, even the best PR professionals find media pitching unnerving and even scary. This to me was very uplifting because now I know I am not the only one going into this scared. I am trying to get as much experience with media and other types of pitching while in school, however it is still frightening. While taking my Public Relation classes I am also taking Marketing so I believe with the both I shall be in great condition.

Second, successful PR is not about a Rolodex. In his article he writes, I have been in the business for nearly three decades. I have worked with, and in several cases become very good friends with, journalists and reporters from many of the world’s largest and most-respected media outlets. The reality is, my Rolodex contributes very little to my success in placing high-impact stories for clients. Success stems from the ability to think strategically and deliver a timely, well-thought-out story in a professional manner. I believe that it is beneficial to make as many contacts as you can. Even though I do not agree totally with the first part of this section, I love the second part and agree with it.

Even though I did not agree with everything David had to say I still found the article interesting and helpful and hopefully it will help you to.