One week of Twitter

When new things come out I am apprehensive to join them so when twitter first came out I was determined not to get involved. I heard several people saying that it was just statuses on facebook. Last semester we had an extra credit project and it was to join twitter.  I enjoyed it for the most part; however I still have not got fully into it.

These are a few of the benefits that I have experienced so far with twitter and why I find value in continuing my account.
1) I have found two internships on twitter. This is a great way to find out about internships and other job opportunities.

2) Making contacts and connections with people in your profession. Most of the people that I follow are somehow related to public relations, from former and current classmates, professors, and professionals.

3) Instant news coverage, I have noticed how quickly something gets posted on twitter. You just have to keep n mid what is real and what is not

4) Great for companies. This is a great way to keep viewers updated with things that may be going on with the company. Whether it is updates, deals, company information and other items that may apply to the company.

Having this assignment this week I have learned about staying more in tune and posting things worth reading, besides “I just got done…..” instead posting something that I have found that may help other people or that they may find interesting. It is very important that I stay connected and utilize my contacts. I will definitely continue utilizing twitter as one of my social networking tools.