News U: Language of the Image was interesting. I loved learning all the vocabulary that is used to describe photos, although I did not realize there are so many. When I take a picture I do not think it is “graphic” or “mood”. I just figure out what I am looking for and what I will be using the photo for. I love the way they showed “different approach” taking the same event and focusing on different point of view.

When I got to the test, I found that I need a lot of practice with the vocabulary. For the most part when I checked a certain word I got it correct, however I did not check all that applied. I think that some of the pictures were based on a person’s perspective. For example, some of the photos that I thought were “impact” were not. So, I think that certain photos may make an impact on some readers while making no impact on other readers.

This assignment was a great way to learn the vocabulary and see examples of each by viewing different photos.