Chapter 10 Notes

  • Tip sheets- good way to find media personnel who might have an interest in your material.
    • Weekly newsletters, report recent changes in new personnel and their new assignments
    • How to contact them
    • What kinds of material they are looking for
    • How to pronounce people’s names
  • Online Newsrooms
    • Vital necessity, it’s often the first place journalist turn to for basic information about the organization, its products, and its services.
    • Link should be high visible on homepage
    • Should be easy to navigate with a minimum number of clicks
    • Five Components
      • Contact information
      • Corporate background
      • News releases and media kits
      • Multimedia gallery
      • Search capability

Tips for Success: The Components of a Successful Food Feature pg. 265 has great information on mat feature and how they should be informative and appealing to consumers.