For this weeks Topic of the Week of listened to Elizabeth Wagele, she discussed the nine personality types based on different personal motivations. She mentioned that her book, The Career Within You: How to find the perfect job for your personality helps people figure out or manage their careers.

The one thing Wagele said that stuck with me is find out “who I am”. In school the teacher may tell a student, “you are good at math you should do that as a career.” Last year I found myself in the same boat. I was following a career set by my family not me. Once I sat down and thought about what made me truly happy I realized I was in the wrong major and now I couldn’t be happier.

The personality types are very helpful. I would have to say that I am “The Helper”. I am always finding ways to help others, volunteering, listening to friends or family, or just lending a hand to someone throughout the day. I love being able to help people and the best part is being able to bring a smile or joy to their day.

The Creative Career

The Nine Personality Types-Differing Personalities at Work

The nine personality types include:

  • The Perfectionist: motivated to make improvements
  • The Helper: motivated to meet other people’s needs
  • The Achiever: motivated to attain a successful image
  • The Romantic: motivated to express individuality (I’ve decided that I fall into this camp)
  • The Observer: motivated to acquire knowledge
  • The Questioner: motivated to reduce risk
  • The Adventurer: motivated to explore possibilities
  • The Asserter: motivated to set clear boundaries
  • The Peace Seeker: motivated to maintain inner calm

For more information visit Elizabeth Wagele website: Career Within You