On July 3, 2010, I got engaged to the most wonderful man. He took me to Tybee Island to watch the fireworks. We both enjoy watching the firework show; we watch it every year in our home town. This was our first time watching the show on Tybee. By the time we got to the Island it was so packed that it took a hour to park.

Finally, after parking we walked to the pier to eat supper. On the way I picked up a shell. It is tradition, every time I go to the beach I come back with a bucket of shells. We ate at Fannies. By the time we got seated, ordered, and then ate the food it was almost time for the fireworks to start. We walked down to the beach and put our blanket down. We talked and laughed until the firework show started.

Halfway through the firework show Mark handed me what I thought was the only shell I had collected that day due to time. I looked down and he had written “Marry Me” on it.  I was asking him how he wrote that on my shell, because I had been with him the whole day. After I said “Yes” and he gave me my gorgeous ring he informed me that the shell I had was not the same shell I had picked up earlier that day. The shell was from a previous trip to Tybee, they just happened to look similar.

I was so excited it was hard to watch the rest of the firework show. His cousin Nicky and her boyfriend Bert showed up shortly after and we told them the news. Nicky gave me a fortune that she had got out of a fortune cookie a few days earlier. It read, “Soon wedding bells are in a family member’s future.” She never showed it to Mark and we thought that was so cool.

I spent the rest of the night on the phone with my mom, dad, brothers, grandma, and aunt. This day will go down in my book as one the best days of my life. Here is to a new chapter in my life; a year of planning and getting married to the love of my life.