Chapter 14 Notes

Emails are becoming more like texting messaged. I work in Career Services and I cannot tell you how may emails we get in one day that has abbreviations for example, instead of writing out you, they put the letter u.

Here are some suggestions about the content of an e-mail that came from our book, Public Relations Writing and Media Techniques.

  • Use language that falls halfway between formal writing and spontaneous conversation.
  • Temper your language.
  • Keep messages brief.
  • Double-check who will be receiving your message before sending it.
  • Always reread an e-mail message before sending it.
  • Respond to relevant, work-related e-mail messages in a timely manner.


  • Subject line-opportunity to say briefly what the message is about.
  • Salutation-just begin with the person’s first name.
  • First Sentence or Paragraph-Get to the “bottom line” right away.
  • Body of Message-short and brief. As a rule of thumb, 20-25 lines single-spaced and no more than 65 characters per line.
  • Closing-sign off with a brief word such as “Regards.”

Tips for Success…Mind Your E-Mail Manners has great tips.

  • Avoid the “Reply to All” button.
  • Skip the CAPITAL letters.
  • Save the fancy stationery.
  • Give your response first.
  • Keep forward to a minimum.
  • Don’t be a cyber-coward.
  • Keep the 500KB image file to yourself.
  • Fill out the subject line.
  • Avoid HTML format.
  • Count to 10 before hitting the send button.