World Cup sponsors won’t make it out of “group play,” Posted by:Evan Floyd

7/11/2010    10:13 p.m.

Sponsors fight the slot to be on television during major events such as, World Cup, Olympics, Super Bowl, and I am sure there are some that I am leaving out. The problem is that it cost so much and some of the sponsors do not have or want to cough up the money. However, others think that it is mandatory they get a spot every year. The YouTube video was really cool. I was confused by some parts and laughed at others. I honestly have to say though I really do not have that much respect for Nike as a company. I have heard that they assort children to underage working “Child labor”. To me this is so wrong. However, I am not saying that this true, I have just heard it mentioned in several of my business classes and other people.