PR Connection: Mind Your Manners On The Train, Posted By: Lauren O’ Sullivan

7/12/2010 3:32 p.m.

Hey Lauren,

I have never ridden on a train so I thought that your blog was really interesting. I have always wanted to experience a train ride. I have always heard that they are enjoyable; however with the help of your list this will make a train enjoyable for all. I like number two that you posted, “keep your young children and babies on their best behavior while riding on a train. If they cannot do this, then find another form of transportation.” This can be so annoying, I know that kids want to have fun and are very energetic but there is a time for them to be less energetic. Number four, “keep the public displays of affection to a minimum,” this is so true. I hate going into a store or anywhere and seeing to people all over each other, it is very inappropriate. I hope that you enjoy your trip and stay safe.