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A Day In The Life Of A PR Specialist

PR Connections Five

This video lets you see and hear what a typical day is like for a PR Specialist. Creating releases, organizing events and the list goes on. However, no day is the same, it is ever changing. It discusses traits that a person must possess. It discusses things to do while in college.


PR Connection 4

News U: Language of the Image was interesting. I loved learning all the vocabulary that is used to describe photos, although I did not realize there are so many. When I take a picture I do not think it is “graphic” or “mood”. I just figure out what I am looking for and what I will be using the photo for. I love the way they showed “different approach” taking the same event and focusing on different point of view.

When I got to the test, I found that I need a lot of practice with the vocabulary. For the most part when I checked a certain word I got it correct, however I did not check all that applied. I think that some of the pictures were based on a person’s perspective. For example, some of the photos that I thought were “impact” were not. So, I think that certain photos may make an impact on some readers while making no impact on other readers.

This assignment was a great way to learn the vocabulary and see examples of each by viewing different photos.

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Seven Things You Need To Know about Public Relations

It is frightening for me, being a senior and getting ready to step into a real professional position in Public Relations. Anytime that I can gain information from a PR professional I am willing to read or listen to it. I recently found an article, Seven Things you Need to Know about Public Relations by David Chapman. This article I found was very helpful in the sense that it answered a few questions that I had.  Below are two of the things that I liked about the article and that I found puzzling.

First, even the best PR professionals find media pitching unnerving and even scary. This to me was very uplifting because now I know I am not the only one going into this scared. I am trying to get as much experience with media and other types of pitching while in school, however it is still frightening. While taking my Public Relation classes I am also taking Marketing so I believe with the both I shall be in great condition.

Second, successful PR is not about a Rolodex. In his article he writes, I have been in the business for nearly three decades. I have worked with, and in several cases become very good friends with, journalists and reporters from many of the world’s largest and most-respected media outlets. The reality is, my Rolodex contributes very little to my success in placing high-impact stories for clients. Success stems from the ability to think strategically and deliver a timely, well-thought-out story in a professional manner. I believe that it is beneficial to make as many contacts as you can. Even though I do not agree totally with the first part of this section, I love the second part and agree with it.

Even though I did not agree with everything David had to say I still found the article interesting and helpful and hopefully it will help you to.

PR Connections 2

How to Write an Article That Draws
Thousands of New Readers

Have you ever wondered why you do not have people reading your posts? If you do have people reading then how do you keep them coming back for more? How to Write an Article That Draws Thousands of New Readers by Sean D’Souza, gives a lot of tips to help you make blogs and articles to keep readers engaged and coming back for more. He discusses several techniques that he has used himself. Three steps he goes by are 1) Empowerment, 2) Specific Steps, and 3) Minefield warnings.

His advice is to empower your readers and provide them a skill they did not have before reading your post or article (blog). This is great advice; I know that when I am looking for things to read I want to read something that I can learn from. Specific steps just refer to staying focused and have a guideline, do not go off on a different tangent. This can be very frustrating to a reader, it is very hard to stay focused and digest what you are reading if it constantly going in a new direction. Finally, minefield warnings only refers to post when you are giving instructions; who-to blog. This way you can inform the readers where they may encounter problems.

His advice is great however I believe there are more tips and advice that can be added, for example, persistence. You have to be persistent and keep going. Writing skills take time. Be patient with your self. Write about things that you love and are well educated on.


PR Connections 1: Social Networking

PR and Social Networking

Today, PR is changing so fast. There are so many social networking opportunities out there such as: Facebook, Twitter, Blogging, and many more. So which ones are the best, do not stress, it is up to you.  However, remember that if you choose to do them all it can get a bit overwhelming. PR and Social Networking, by Paula Gardner, sees this first hand when she discusses social networking with her clients.  In her article she discusses her advice that she gives to her clients. Her first advice is to choose one thing and commit to that. I love to multi task however, I do realize that sometime if you give your full attention to one thing it will turn out better than if you only did it half way. She encourages you to be persistent, example, “Give it time. You are not going to build up 1000 twitter followers in a week. Think of this as a 6 month experiment.” This is such great advice to someone just starting out. I really enjoyed reading her article, she had excellent advice, whether you are starting out or been at for a while.